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    In alta lumina, cu putin soare
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    Se vinde o chitara Fender Squier Bullet Mustang HH cu urmatoarele upgrade-uri. Dozele stock au fost inlocuite cu un set Seymour Duncan, SH6 in neck si SH4 in bridge cu switch pentru splitare. Corpul a fost ecranat cu grafit si folie de cupru. Pickguard-ul a fost personalizat in tehnica pouring cu vopsea acrilica peste care s-a turnat rasina. Corpul a suferit cateva mici dent-uri care nu prea se observa in poze. Ele sunt mici si nu afecteaza in niciun fel sunetul. Specificatii: Corp: Basswood Neck: Maple Fretboard: Indian Laurel Scala: 610mm, 22 freturi medium-jumbo Doze: Seymour Duncan, SH6 in neck si SH4 in bridge Control: 1 volum + 1 ton Switch: 3way + toggle pentru spitarea dozelor Bridge: hardtail Cheite: standard stock Corzi: Ernie Ball 10 - 46 Are facut setup profi cu actiune joasa. Se vinde impreuna cu o husa. Nu doresc schimburi. Detalii in privat.
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    Se pare ca a trecut ceva timp, dar tot am recidivat, de data asta insa mai clasic, mai cumpatat :). Chitara asta e cea care sufera modificari acum, arata bine si asa natur, insa am vrut sa fac ceva mai special. Initial planuiam sa o 'tatuez', cu pirogravura, ceva brazi, copaci, tematica de padure, si sa ii dau si o nuanta verzui cumva. Am dat cu slefuitu' am inceput cu negru si verde cu slefuit intre ele, si mi-a iesit ceva ce imi place atat de mult incat am renunta la tatuaj.
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    This is a motherfuckn legend! Starea e impecabila estetic si tehnic, e setata ca un vis de Flo, vine cu case original. Born in the USA, 1979. O vand pentru ca sunt prost. The details: The T-60 was the first guitar Peavey ever produced. It was a market changer due to some of the new ideas and manufacturing techniques employed on this guitar for the first time. It was conceived in 1976, first produced in 1977 (not really until 1978) and stayed in production into 1987. This was the first guitar ever made with CNC machines, which by now most people who know the guitar know that Hartley Peavey and Chip Todd pioneered (The "T" in T-60 is for Todd as in Chip Todd who designed the guitar with Hartley). This American made Guitar serves many needs as a stage guitar as well as a studio instrument. The first Electric Guitar Made by Peavey in Meridian Mississippi, The T-60 is often compared with the Fender Stratocaster in looks (si sound, completez eu). With a maple neck (destul de subtire) and body (greutz) this guitar has the sustain and the ringing tones of almost any guitar you could compare it to. The guitar is equipped with two humbucking pickups that have a nice humbucking tone. The tone pots control the pickups in a unique way. On ten the humbucking pickup is in single coil mode. As you turn down the tone control the second coil is added giving you the fuller humbucking sound. The more you roll down the tone control, high end is just rolled off. Six to a side tuners can be found on the head, and an adjustable bridge (very Fender like) with string through body routing is an added bonus. The controls are in the two volume, two tone configuration with the three way switching. Another smaller switch is involved near the knobs, this is for putting the two pickups out of phase for added tonal options. Many people feel the T-60 is one of the most under-rated guitars of all time. The manufacturing techniques and features (single-coil to humbucking with just the turn of a tone control) were ahead of it's time. If you know of someone with a T-60 you know why they still own it. La munca arata si suna cam asa (lant: Fender Custom 68 Priceton Reverb + Digitech The Drop - octave/dry mode + Bad Monkey pentru un strop de mizerie + Wampler Ethereal) - e chitara panoramata in dreapta Pretul este fix si nu accept schimburi. Se poate viziona in Bucuresti VdVMusic Studio 0722353935
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