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Spanish Poetry - A beautiful voice of woman accompanied by Spanish classic guitars

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Llueve - It rains



It rains

It rains in the night of my soul
while the hours walk
lost in the distance

It rains
It rains in my eyes and on my face
a water of salt and almonds
that turns me into nostalgia.

and under that rain,
the shadows
they are no longer shadows,
but wells filled
with the echoes of my childhood.

It's raining.
It rains in the light of my life,
over the tree of my dreams,
and in the kisses that I gave.

it rains life,
it rains tears,
it rains seas of words
that are nothing in today

©Mora Amaro La Loba

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Acércate - Come closer



come closer
and let me look at you
peek with me into the warmth of our eyes
and let me find
one more time,
the light that shines in them,
sun of the soul that gives me life by touching me .

Bring your breath to mine
and, without kissing,
let me wish it
imagine it,
moment that becomes eternal...

Thirsty for you
from your mouth,
fire that springs from fire.

come closer,
and let me see in your face,
all your faces from yesterday, and tomorrow,
make my gesture a mirror,
and hug me in silence,
that the feeling becomes complete,
image that will remain in time,

Love that I have for your love.

©Mora Amaro La Loba
La visita - The visit



Suddenly a smell of fruit captured my nose
and the mystery of its  presence
made me peek at the moment
to rummage in it.

That visit...

hat grabbed my hand
to take me to a forest of orange trees
to search through the leaves
that "I" that stayed there
surrounded by air
that looks like water,


numbing nostalgia
the beauty

©Mora Amaro La Loba
Cosas - Things



I would like to invent words
so to can talk about those things
that have no name today 

Things I mix with
and as a thing
I disappear engulfed between so much time

things that smell like bodies
and everything that has  happened
in its particular moment

things, things,
What a vague word to define so much invent!

I would like so many invented things
that I invent myself
despite being nothing
among so many living things
and so many things happened

things, things,

What a vague word to define so much invention!

©Mora Amaro La Loba
La lágrima - The Teardrop



The teardrop, 
trembling irresolutely, 
finally fell, furtive and timid,
sweeping away with it 
the many others that were waiting,
heaped together 
and confused,

and the weeping turned into a sea,
sea that flooded the soul 
with pain and tense calmness,
salty and bitter sadness 
that escapes and that sometimes
does not even have any hope.

©Mora Amaro La Loba


Besos - Kisses



Life goes on
with her parade
of true 
but amazing things

Life goes on
with her parade
of true 
but amazing things

and meanwhile
prisoner of that time
that everything drags and engulfs
I love you I love you I love you I love you

that takes away the weight of the print of the years
and makes me look in the mirror
to search in my mouth
the trace of your kisses

full of so much
that I get lost when remembering them
full of so much 
that I get lost remembering them

your kisses your kisses

©Mora Amaro La Loba

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