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Thomastik Plectrum si Spectrum

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Gauge: 0.11.

Plectrum sunt low tension

Spectrum sunt medium tension.

Ambele rezista mult fara urme de uzura (ca elixir, dar sunet mai bun si tensiunea este mai confortabila mai ales la Plectrum)

Pret: scumpe, dar se merita


A remarkable string that prompts comments like: “l never knew a string like this existed!”. The combination of lower overall tension, hybrid arrangement of flatwounds (A,D,G) with roundwound low E, and silk inlays (for precise overtone balance) produces a beautiful, almost classical tone, with the warmth of bronze and the easy playability of a fine set of jazz strings. And because of its low, evenly balanced tensions, PLECTRUMS can extend  the playing life of many fine older guitars with weak bracing or other special age conditions.


Soundcloud suna mai bine,




The ultimate bronze round wound acoustic string! The SPECTRUM BRONZE strings are specially designed for the demands of professional recording, yet is also unsurpassed in live performance situations. A unique bronze formula, combined with Thomastik-Infeld’s mastery of mechanical filtering with their silk inlay technology, gives a full warm tone, with a sparkling clarity that lets you cut through a dense sound mix. Playing feel is very balanced, and they are surprisingly long lasting. Available in 6 and 12 string sets.



And the winner is: Plectrum, pentru ca sunt low tension si au corzile A si D flatwound si sunt perfecte pentru fingerstyle, dar au un sunet mult mai ''domol' fata de La Bella GPS. As prefera sunetul La bella, feelul Plectrum si corzile alea flatwound, si rezistenta Thomastik. 

Spectrum sunt pe zebrawood de o luna si ceva si nu au semne de uzura (nu sunt coated).

Bronze sunt cam tari pentru mine.


L.E. trebe sa pun linkuri de pe telefon... wait for it



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