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  1. Salut,un scurt Demo"! Va rog sa-l ascultati pana la capat si sa va spuneti parerile vostre!Va rog! super1_03.mp3
  2. asta e cea mai cunoscuta poza...trebuie sa mai gasesc... nu sunt multe poze,poate cateva articole fiindca bc rich au avut mari probleme cu fender pe vremea aia BC Rich SeagullThis is the 42nd Guitar that BC Rich ever produced, This was the same model they made for Eric Clapton back in 1975. BC Rich ran only one ad with Eric Clapton in it. Fender's legal dept. objected very strenuously. The publicized Clapton BC Rich connection ended early on. This one is the only early one I have ever seen with cloud inlays, Gold Hardware and all the electronics.
  3. Una din cele 50 de chitari BcRich CS ale lui Mick Thompson. Voi Incerca sa fac rost si de chitarile lui Eric Clapton Steve Vai John Petrucci si Dave Mustaine,si aia au vreo 20 in sus de modele
  4. cele mai bune corzi pentru doze active : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyzhiWFGJTU
  5. Gifenrich


    Poate! Sau care "a pus botu"
  6. Gifenrich


    Da,unele chitari arata de parca ar fi fost facute cu programul acela...unde iti faci cum vrei Parca mai era un site de genu,ebaychina sau chinabay,era un topic de genu in care un tip o gasit o chitara gibson ieftina,iar felix io aratat site-ul de unde o fost cumparat......si mai erau si altele...
  7. Gifenrich


    http://www.trailblazer917.com/product/views_1211.htm hmm oare,in realitate arata chiar asa de bine?A mai comandat cineva,asa de distractie?
  8. da,mai ales daca dai si volumul tare ! si nai cabluri bune si nu egalizezi bine http://www.mcmusic.ro/product_view.php?Bra...dProductID=1204 ca sa scapi de zgomot
  9. Incearca Dimmu Borgir Glittertind,SAu dark throne too old to cold
  10. Bravo ! Mai fa si alt Black! un dark throne old dimmu mayhem celtic ceva satyr
  11. Gifenrich

    Promovare trupe

    Hmm daca o formatie de ex, Negura Bunget/Satanochio,se muta in Norvegia sau USA vor avea succes mai mare?Sau ba chiar mai rau
  12. Cu asta nu poti sa dai in bara! http://www.mcmusic.ro/product_view.php?Bra...dProductID=1202
  13. Nenea,piesa aia Seven Scars,chitara are niste coie cum suna tare!
  14. Eu iti recomand chitara aia si ampu! nu cred ca gasesti o oferta mai buna!
  15. voi ati auzit de metalocalypse dethklok ?desene cu o formatie death metal http://cauta.trilulilu.ro/video/metalocalypse%20dethklok
  16. Si daca schimb acele suruburi cu altele.va fi o diferenta de sunet?
  17. Sau daca are pe cineva in America se duce pe ebay si gaseste second in perfecta stare de la 800$-2000$ modele super Nu chiar ce am vrut dar merge: http://cgi.ebay.com/BC-Rich-Eagle-USA-Vint...1QQcmdZViewItem
  18. Calibre sunt facute in Cehia tot manual(multa lume spun ca au mana buna lutierii aceia)!asa ca inca nu poti compara cu chitarile de pe bcrich/handcrafted.com...
  19. Nu am vrut sa conving, ci am vrut sa spun ca,un bc rich CS poti compara usor cu un Gibson!Scuzati scandalul...mam exprimat gresit(bate tot). Si am mai vrut sa spun ca: nu compara un bc rich ieftin cu o chitara scumpa(asa face lumea...) "Nu iti lua un bc rich bronze ca ii o firma proasta dupa cum am auzit,mai bine iti strangi bani si iti iei una serioasa...x"
  20. Am intrebat un tip de pe forumul bc rich ce ......parare are despre bc rich vs gibson si fender acstorfer Site Elder Joined: 30 Mar 2007 Posts: 1314 Location: Broadview Heights, Ohio Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:22 pm welcome! my family is originally from romania (well spain before that, then romania). my bich wouldn't exactly be a custom shop, but it is an 81 and I don't think the custom shop can do a better job than the handmade mastery of guitars made back then. No Fender can touch it, of that I am sure. fender is a low rent company in my mind that hit it big because jimi, and clapton played strats, and of course the tele is an important model as well. As both the strat and tele are "iconic", it doesn't mean they are that great. I have never owned a strat that stood up to any of my BCR's. now for Gibson, I just picked up a custom shop SG and I must say that guitar is pretty impressive. I can't say it is better or worse than a custom shop gibson because they are completely different animals. I can say that a custom shop BCR (or at least a vintage BCR) will hold its own though. I've had a couple LP's (one was a studio, so I won't count that), my 73 LP deluxe was a fantastic guitar as well, but again I wouldn't feel comfortable comparing it to my Bich. Besides the fact I love(d) them both, they could not replace eachother. If you go with a custom shop BCR (or possibly even better a Neil Moser custom shop) all I can say is that you will definitely not be dissapointed. If you go with a custom shop Gibson you will not be dissapointed. If you go with a custom shop Fender than you should kick your own ass. First off, they put custom shop on nearly every guitar now (even the ones from Mexico), so what does it mean? And to make a Fender sound really good you need to get after market pups at the very least. So why waste your time?
  21. Apropo de Senia,un coleg de al meu o dat comanda la un bc rich afterburner,o ajuns in perfecta stare la domiciliu in 27 ore,doar ca ) chitara a fost adusa de un un batran de 57-60 de ani ce cara chitara in spate ,vai cat am ras.
  22. avea kahler in loc de tune o matic bridge cum are pe Gibson,si din cauza aia tonul e.... live,o perioada lunga folosea bc rich mockinbird exotic cu tune o matic bridge in studio
  23. Momentan am bc rich bronze si afterburner,conteaza ce am?
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