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  1. I can be the voice. What bands do you like?
  2. Marat


    Hey , do you still need a vocalist?
  3. Marat

    basist bucuresti

    What genre of music do you play or what kind of songs? I'm a guitarist by the way.
  4. Hello. Is this project still active?
  5. Marat


    Hey, i play guitar and i would like to join your project.
  6. Hey, you probably dont need another guitarist for your group but if you need a guy who loves punk music and always wanted to be in a punk band, well i'm the guy. By the way what punk bands do you like?
  7. Hey, I would like to join your project if you still need a guitarist.
  8. Hey, I love the Beatles and many other artists you mentioned in your post. I was wondering if you still need a guitarist.
  9. Hello, I have been playing guitar for 4 years and i would like to join your group.
  10. I know how to play guitar. I also leave in Bucuresti
  11. I leave in Bucuresti and know how to play guitar
  12. Hey, I'm a guitar player in Bucuresti and i speak a little bit romanian but i understand everything that you say to me. I would like to join your band and experiment with music genres.
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