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    Un proiect la care lucrez de ceva vreme. O placa universala si extrem de configurabila (cred ca acopera cam toate scenariile posibile) - sper ca nu va deranjeaza descrierea in engleza dar nu mai am puterea sa o fac si in romana Technical specifications: - 8 inputs for switches - 8 outputs that can supply up to 150mA (each) - can accept DC or AC as supply voltage (between 6V and 12V DC or AC) - MIDI IN / OUT / THROUGH (buffered) - Mute output port for MUTE before switch - Optional LCD output - 8 status outputs (can supply LEDs for example) Configuration specifications: - For each MIDI PC message can be assigned a combination of active outputs (relays) - For each of the 8 INPUTS can be assigned a combination of active outputs (relays) - For each of the 8 INPUTS a maximum of 16 characters name can be assigned (visible on the optional LCD) - For each of the 8 OUTPUTS can be assigned a MIDI CC number (CC value grater than 0 would activate the output / a CC with a value of 0 would deactivate the output) - Configurable pre-mute delay and mute delay (each with its own values) - MIDI channel can be freely configured - For each of the 8 inputs a MIDI PC message can be assigned to be sent when the input is activated also, a different channel can be assigned for the MIDI PC messages sent by the foot-switches - In case of not using the MIDI PC send feature, this can be deactivated - Each of the 8 OUTPUTS can be configured pe be a momentary latch with a custom time between 0 and 255ms (1/4 of a sec) Utility specifications: - The ability to erase the board via GUI and reset it to factory defaults - The ability to save the current configuration of the board - The ability to restore the saved configuration of the board (for example in case that many boards needs to be configured with the same features) - Firmware update section - for updating the running firmware of the board or to upload custom firmware (available by request) All the configuration features are available via a computer GUI (compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 / 64 and 32 bits) Package will be delivered with the control board, programming interface and instructions to download the GUI programming application.
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    Takamine AJ250S, made in Japan, extrem de rara, mint condition (like new, din colectia privata), discontinued model ! Guitar's specs : Solid Spruce Top Solid Big Leaf Maple Back (Tiger) Solid Big Leaf Maple Sides (Tiger) Maple Neck Ebony Fret Board Rosewood Bridge Bone Nut Bone Saddle 45 Style abalone binding front and back Jumbo Frets Pentru intrebari suplimentare, nu ezitati sa ma contactati ! Pretul este usor negociabil !
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    Control your MIDI life. O groaza de editoare MIDI. https://ctrlr.org/panels/
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