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Vând mai multe pedale,vintage,boutique


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Pret: 6000 ron
Localitate: Satu-Mare
Contact: Instant messenger
Stare: Uzura normala
Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi

20230925_130659.thumb.jpg.d4d8eee4e5969d559eef026c4c4fa0a5.jpg20230925_130654.thumb.jpg.9c4ec5c3ec02a16ba5ac03e7a6f4dfeb.jpg20230925_130650.thumb.jpg.10da9d70c51a80381542b7f0135c9a64.jpg20230925_130642.thumb.jpg.b3b6de32abf72c4b6a1d272b213b01bc.jpg20230925_130633.thumb.jpg.5ce12ed9baa196d3f94a6b478d4f8f8e.jpg20230925_130611.thumb.jpg.e2372e7222db6c10b98621f61c5daacf.jpg20230925_130555.thumb.jpg.fbe10089b77a9fb71fa9311d3730dbbb.jpg20230925_141810.thumb.jpg.ce10d38acbd7e23d319877e560cb4c6d.jpg20230925_141800.thumb.jpg.2dada0837576c14be9beb99ccb805b31.jpgVând mai multe pedale,vintage și serie limitată:

Pedală volum Morley-350 lei

Wampler Plextorsion-800 lei

Chorus Way Huge WHE601 Blue Hippo Analog Chorus MK II(limited edition)-1600 lei

Ibanez 1980s Flanger FL9-700 lei

Ibanez Steve Vai signature Jemini distorsion

pedal-1000 lei

One Control Golden Acorn Overdrive-600 lei

Delay Boss DSD3 -700 lei

Pedaltrain clasic pro with case+MXR DC brick,cu cablurile de alimentare aferente-1600 lei.




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