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    endorser Tama Drums,Sabian Cymbals and Remo Heads
  • Gear
    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Drums
    Dw Collectors Vintage Drums
    Gretsch USA Drums
    GMS Custom Drums
    and Sabian Cymbals-Zildjian Cymbals-Paiste Cymbals
    Yamaha Motif XS 7-keyboard
    Roland VK8(hammond)-keyboard
    Korg Triton Extreme and Le76-keyboard
    Nord Lead 2x-keyboard
    Roland Fantom X7-keyboard
    Virus Acces-rack
    Ensoniq SQ-R-rack
    Roland JV5050-rack
    Fender Stratocaster '81-electricguitar
    Ibanez seria S japan-electric guitar
    Epiphone limited edition '91-electric guitar
    Carvin Custom-guitar bass
    and HOME STUDIO...etc.etc.etc.....
  1. fer_drums

    vând Vind Toba 2 Piese

    ce dimensiuni sunt?
  2. Pret: 300 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: 0723427578 Link producator: http://www.thomann.de/ro/tama_hp900rsn_rolling_glide_iron_co.htm Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Vand pedală simplă Tama Iron Cobra HP900 Rolling Glide în stare foarte buna! 350ron cu case 300ron fără case
  3. fer_drums

    vând Dw 5002Ad4 & Dw5500Td

    Te salut.M-am decis sa nu le mai vand.Thanks RGC!
  4. fer_drums

    vând Dw 5002Ad4 & Dw5500Td

    1800 ron!!!
  5. fer_drums

    vând Yamaha Motif Xs7

  6. Pret: 500 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: fer_drums@yahoo.com Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi - 12 channel rack mixer with 8x XLR inputs, 2x stereo inputs (jack), 2 band EQ, clip LEDs on each channel, 1x pre-fader aux, 1x post-fader aux, 24bit effects processor with 100 presets, headphones and control room outputs, tape-in (RCA), 48V phantom power, 60mm faders (per channel and master). Dimensions: 133 x 482 x 150mm (19" x 3U).
  7. fer_drums

    vând Yamaha Motif Xs7


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