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  1. 150 eur, fara schimburi - se poate proba in Timisoara 0723 226 477 Winner of “What’s That Dude Play? Pedal Of The Year 2011”! Classic overdrive paired with a powerful EQ section. Even with the gain dimed, the Rook maintains astonishing note articulation and chord clarity, (think a highly tweakable Tube Scre@mer). If that’s not enough, the Rook is one of the most stack friendly drives on the market. Whether stacked with various overdrives, fuzzes, or muffs, it can make all of your other pedals sound even better! The magic is the 2 band Baxandall EQ circuit, which offers up a different approach to tone control. Both Bass and Treble can be independently cut or boosted, allowing for an almost limitless tonal palette. With them both down, you get a mid range hump. Turning both controls up yields a nice mid scoop. Adding to the countless shades of drive is the 3 way toggle. Toggle UP for “classic overdrive” tones, filled with rich “harmonicy” goodness. Toggle DOWN is LED clipping, for a raw and edgy, almost distortion type drive. Lastly, the MIDDLE position removes the clipping diodes for a louder, cleaner, less compressed sound. This position also causes the EQ controls to be more pronounced, allowing the Rook to be used as an excellent tone shaping boost. It’s best to start with the gain down to get a feel for this position, then crank it up for total amp melt-down! Does the world really need another overdrive? Maybe, maybe not, but everybody could use a little Mojo. Let your ears decide. "I recently incorporated the Rook pedal into my rig with Alter Bridge. I’m totally blown away with how great this pedal sounds. It boosts my leads without compromising clarity or tone. It’s also proving to be extremely versatile in different situations. Love it!” – Myles Kennedy Features: -Gain -Bass -Volume -Treble -3-way clipping toggle (up: silicon diode, center: none, down: LED) -True bypass Power: -Standard center negative 9V DC supply, or 9V battery (neither included) -Current draw: ~6mA Dimensions: -4.8" L x 2.62" W x 1.55" H
  2. as is. modelul cunoscut, fara modificari, in stare buna se poate proba in Timisoara, nu trimit in tara
  3. perfect functionale, se pot testa in Tm, trimit in tara pe cheltuiala cumparatorului Line6 DL4, cu alimentator original 220v - 800 ron DOD Looking Glass - 350 ron OC-3 - 400 ron CH-1 - 300 ron Littlebigtone '77 Cake' (copie hot cake) - 450 ron negociem in caz de 2+ noroc!
  4. Very special fender Baja telecaster with tweed hard case. This Baja was originally desert sand, but has been refinished to show the natural grain of this beautiful ash body and a clear-coat to protect it. You can see the original desert sand colour in the control cavity. The rest is all original Baja custom shop designed. - Fender Twisted Tele neck pickups original - Fender Broadcaster bridge pickup original - 4 way switch for adding both pickups in series for a fatter sound - S1 switch for out of phase sounds - All original Maple V neck with original Medium Jumbo frets and beautiful grain - All original ash body (but now refinished in natural) - Original Fender pat. pending bridge with brass saddles. - Original vintage style tuners - Original disc string tree - Free of charge tweed hard case included. The body has very slight imperfections, like a little chip in the paint here and there and 3-4 dimples that are only noticable when holding it to the light. I would rate it a 8/10 condition aesthetically and 10/10 condition playability and electronics wise.. Refinishing on this guitar is up to a high standard. It looks like it was a factory fender job. Probably one of the only baja telecasters in such a nice natural finish. 650 EUR + transport fara schimburi se poate proba in timisoara
  5. Catalinbread Talisman - f probabil cea mai reusita pedala de plate reverb in stare perfecta, la cutie - 700 ron https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcSEc6zCRlo https://www.thomann.de/ro/catalinbread_talisman.htm nu vreau schimburi. se poate proba in Timisoara. trimit prin curier pe cheltuiala cumparatorului multzam
  6. vand head Laney GH100L 100w full lampa, made in UK, 1996 am vazut multe scene impreuna in ultimii 14 ani si nu-mi amintesc sa-mi fi facut macar o surpriza neplacuta e un amplif solid, dinamic cu volum urias si sound gras pe masura; de obicei il foloseam pe low input ca platforma pt pedale, care suna in stil mare peste cleanul de baza, clean care evident poate face fata lejer la orice tobar(i) suparaciunile se pot canta foarte convingator pe canalul de boost, no pedals needed finali 4x TAD 6L6GC schimbati de curand (merge si cu EL34) preampuri 3x JJ 12AX7/ECC83 + TAD 7025 Highgrade in V1 dispun si de grilajul din spate husa inclusa suna asa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbBKh2T7Cdg From the manufacturer:The GH100L is a single channel master volume style head with footswitchable gain. It is capable of a huge variety of sounds, from sparkling clean through powerful crunch to full on monster tones and everything in between. If tone capable of turning people's heads at 100 yards is what you're after - look no further. As well as astounding tone these heads offer a valve-coupled effects loop and link jacks for slaving several heads together. The GH100L features an ECC83 equipped preamp and EL34 output section, easily switchable for 5881's if so desired. prefer predare personala in Timisoara contact pe PM sau 0723 226 477 nu sunt interesat de schimburi
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