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  1. Pedala de volum si-a gasit cumparator. Sa se bucure de ea!
  2. Adaug si o recenzie a amplificatorului: https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/fishman-loudbox-artist
  3. Drintre ultimele echipamente ramase, va prezint sursa de alimentare Burkey Flatliner Pro, pentru efecte, una dintre cele mai versatile si laudate, cu un nivel al zgomotului mai redus decat al surselor Voodoo Labs. Este insotita si de un Burkey Pro-Rectifier, nou, ce permite transformarea iesirii de curent alternativ intr-una de curent continuu si de cabluri pentru pedale de toate tipurile. Nu prezinta nici un fel de alte urme de utilizare, cu exceptia unei urme de eticheta (adeziv) pe partea superioara, in partea stanga si a lipsei puferelor (picioarelor de cauciuc). Cele din urma au fost scoase pentru montare cu velcro pe pedalier... le-am pus atat de bine ca nu le mai gasesc. Descrierea de mai jos este preluata de pe site-ul producatorului, netradusa. Pe langa imaginile oficiale de mai jos voi adauga si fotografii cu produsul real, pentru cei interesati. Specifications: 9V DC - 5 Outputs 9 Volt DC, 200 mA, short-circuit protected with a current-limitation on 200 mA 12V DC - 1 Output 12 Volt DC, 200 mA, short-circuit protected with a current-limitation on 200 mA 3-9V DC - 1 Output variable ca. 3-9 Volt ; V = voltage, R = resistance ( 0…20 Ohm) 3-12V DC - 1 Output variable ca. 3-12 Volt ; V = voltage, R = resistance ( 0…20 Ohm) 9/12V AC - 1 Output 9 or 12VAC*, capacity 1000 mA This output is protected with a 1AT fuse (on the rear panel) Polarity - All outputs are centre negative Fuses - 1AT:1A-fuse (9VAC output), 230/240V:2 x 250mAT ----- 115/120V: 2 x 500mAT Mains - 230VAC 50/60Hz for European power. Configurable for 120VAC/60hz for US power Capacity - 33 Watts max Weight - 1960 gr Dimensions - (LDH)233x110x72 mm Power Features ( chart ) Standard 9V De FLATLINER has 8 DC outputs for the use of 5.5x2.5 mm barrel connectors (Boss-type). These are standard connectors which fit most Ibanez and all Boss, Voodoo Lab and many others. Polarity The 8 DC-outputs are centre-negative , a standard for effects pedals. Some pedals have reversed polarity (Fulltone '69 en Octafuzz). To prevent damage to your pedal it is important to check the polarity of the input jack of the pedal. A special cross-cable is provided with the FLATLINER to connect to a center positive effectpedal. If you need more cables you can order them on the BURKEY website. 12 VDC Some pedals need higher voltage supply. Examples are: Boss ACA-type pedals made before August 1997. These need 12VDC to run properly. All Boss PSA-type pedals and post-August 1997 pedals can be run from the 9VDC outlets. 18V/24VDC Because all outputs are isolated it is possible to join two 9VDC or 12 VDC outputs in a serial connection to double the voltage to 18 or 24 VDC or a parallel connection to double the current to 400mA. For this you need a special Y-cable which you can order from our on-line store. 9/12 VAC Most tube-driven pedals need AC power. FLATLINER V 2.0 can be configured to 12 VAC, instead of standard 9VAC. Other brands that require AC power are EHX (Wiggler, Tubezipper), Mesa Boogie (V-Twin), Boomerang , Hughs & Kettner, Digitech Whammy, Line 6 Pods, DL4, VoodooLab GCX Switcher a.s.o. Note to Boomerang pedals: The Flatliner Pro works well with the new Boomerang pedals, which require at least 500mA. You needn't worry about polarity because these pedals accept AC, DC neg tip or DC pos tip. We advise you anyway to use the AC outlet ( Boomerangs need 2.5 mm barrelconnectors (cable SC-AF25). The Line 6 modelling pedals can be powered through the 9VDC (MM4, FM4) or 12VDC (DM4,DL4) outputs. Since these effects draw more current (150-185 mA) than average you can connect one effect with one output. The FLATLINER can power several Line 6 effects simultanously. Note: Line 6 modelling effects have reversed polarity. Use the right cable. Dying battery This option gives creative guitarists the opportunity to simulate the special effect that an almost flattened battery causes in some fuzz and overdrive effects. The FLATLINER's dying battery option provides variable voltages from 3-9V and 3-12V, this in combination with variable output resistances, to achieve the right mix. Learn more about the dying battery option. Cables Your FLATLINER comes with 9 cables, 7 regular, different length, 1 for reversed polarity, 1 for AC output. Burkey Pro-Rectifier AC to DC Converter - Connect Flatliner pro's AC Outlet (9 or 12V/ 1A) to Convert AC to DC (9V 800mA or 12V 700mA)
  4. Inca una din pedalele pe care n-am avut sansa sa le mai folosesc este Empress Effects Buffer +. Din greseala am marcat anuntul anterior ca fiind expirat. Producatorul il descrie astfel: Features: All Analog Signal Path - no digitals in here! Small Size - The enclosure measures approximately 4.5" by 2.5" by 1.5", which is delightfully small when considering all the features packed into this unit. Tuner Out - Separate tuner output keeps your tuner out of the audio path. Complete I/O - All the connections to your pedalboard consolidated in one place. Makes setup and teardown quick and easy. Switchable Boost - Dial in up to 30dB of clean boost and switch on and off with the soft touch foot switch. Tuner Mute - Hold the footswitch for a second and mute the amp output for tuning. Noise Filters - Similar to Dolby's noise filter technology, choose between 2 different noise filters to remove any unwanted noise from your effects chain. Input Pad - Pad or boost the input by 3dB. Great for matching outputs of different guitars, reducing really hot active pickup signal or boosting the signal to your effects to improve signal to noise ratio. Input Loading - Load down your pickups a little, a lot or not at all. It's up to you. Specifications Input Impedance 10k - 1Meg Output Impedance 510 Ω Frequency Response (-3dB) 5Hz - 40kHz Power Input Voltage 9V DC (Negative tip) Power Input Connector 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip) Power Consumption 86mA Total Harmonic Distortion 0.02% Signal to Noise Ratio 105.3dB Headroom +9.4dBu Enclosure Material Die Cast Aluminum Input connectors 1/4" Jack Output connectors 1/4" Jack Height (enclosure) 1.25" Height with controls 2" Length 4.5" Width 2.5" Weight 0.5 lbs
  5. Chiatra si-a gasit perechea. Ii doresc sa-i bucure degetele si urechile!
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