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    2013 Gibson LPJ Goldtop USA
    2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster SSS Sunburst
    1999 Yamaha Pacifica HSS Black, Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates
    2011 Blackstar HT5 Combo
    2011 TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
    2008 Dunlop CryBaby
    2008 Boss DD-3
    2007 MXR Zakk Wylde OD
    2003 Marshall ED-1 Compressor
    Planet waves / Fender cables / Elixir cables
    Ernie Ball Strings

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  1. Szasz Csaba left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Vox Cambridge 15 Combo
    vanzator de nota 10

    Bogdan_83 was The Seller

  2. Nenea Rau left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Multiefect Korg Ax1000G
    Promptitudine, cuvand, calitatea produsului, totul excelent.

    Bogdan_83 was The Seller


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