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Pachet Doza Undersaddle Si Preamp (Accuracoustic)


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Pret: 130 EU

Localitate: Bucuresti

Contact: musicmick2000@yahoo.com

Link producator: http://www.takamine.com/electronics/accuracoustic_preamp

Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou

Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi
Set pentru chitarã acusticã. Aº prefera sã le vând împreunã:


1. Dozã under-saddle extrasã dintr-un Fender Telecoustic. (Are doar cablul, fãrã mufare).

Preț 60 EU


2. Preamp Parametric EQ AccurAcoustic de pe o Takamine PSF.

Preț 80 EU



Foarte bunã soluția cu egalizare parametricã, se poate cãuta frecvența la care se produce microfonia, pentru atenuarea acesteia.


"Tone adjustment for the AccurAcoustic is divided into the three controls for acoustic guitar sound: two fixed frequency ranges: Bass and Treble, and a variable frequency range: Parametric EQ. The Bass and Treble sliders allow the player to increase, or decrease each frequency range (or shelf) 16 decibels, to enhance the deep or bright portion of the sound. The Parametric EQ controls allow more selective adjustment by 'sweeping' through the tonal frequency range. The player can boost a desired tone, remove an unwanted tone, or even help control feedback problems. By first bringing the Parametric EQ Level up above '0' (towards the +16), the Parametric EQ Frequency that is being boosted can be heard. By sliding the Frequency knob up or down, the player can locate (by ear); a desired tone to be boosted, or an unwanted tone that can be 'cut' (by lowering the Level knob below '0'). Also, tone areas sensitive to feedback can be located this way, and when found, can be 'cut', giving the player more gain without feedback problems."


Luate împreuna, prețul scade la 130 EU.


Contact pe privat.



(Eventual schimb doza cu una mai micã, tip pastilã, pentru o chitarã 3/4.)



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