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Multiefect Rack Rocktron X-Pression

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nou costa 400E + transport


pretul meu 1500 RON usor negociabil, plus transport. pretul include unitatea de rack, care a stat numai in casa, ingrijita, prezentand urme de rack rash, nimic deosebit + alimentator original, cutie si manual + step down/up transformer 220>110/110>220 solid (>2kg), nu jucarie, care a costat undeva la 50$+ transport,  (pt 220 se poate folosi alt alimentator rocktron). 


este un multiefect deosebit de transparent, cu posibilitate de bypass analog, fara simulare de preamp dar cu simulare de boxa foarte buna si cu hush. tot ce iti trebuie e un preamp. contact aici sau PM



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revine la vanzare.


pt chitara si bass 


multiefect fara simulare de preamp/amp. Speaker Simulator and Speaker Modeling, Mic Position Modeling, Dynamic Tube Reactance Modeling: simulare de cabinet foarte configurabila, avand posibilitatea selectarii speaker-ului: 8, 10, 12, 15, pozitiei microfonului, de la 15 (centru) la -15 (margine) si reactance (-15 la 15. The REACTANCE parameter simulates the characteristics of the interaction between a tube amplifier and a guitar speaker cabinet. The higher the parameter value selected, the more these characteristics will be apparent. Negative values of reactance can be used to simulate an open-back cabinet).


+ HUSH® Noise Reduction, reverb/delay spillover


Hi-Pass Filter for Bass,  4-Band Parametric EQ 


Run up to 10 effects at once.


24-Bit Internal Processing via Motorola DSP Engine for Double precision 48 x 48-bit multiply with 96-bit result.



Reverb, Delay, Modulation, Multi-Pitch Shifting, Compressor etc



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