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vând Microfoane pentru MUZICUTA - Custom Made - UNICAT in Romania

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Pret: 580 RON
Localitate: Bucuresti
Contact: 0733 31 22 77
Link producator: CUSTOM MADE !!!
Stare: Uzura normala
Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi

Va salut.

Am de vanzare un numar de 9 Microfoane speciale pentru muzicuta !!!

UNICATE ABSOLUTE in Romania ! Sunt modificate de mine cu piese de cea mai buna calitate.

Le gasiti la vanzare si pe pagina mea de pe www.reverb.com - https://reverb.com/shop/petrescu-s-gear-bazaar

Sennheiser MD214
Beyer Dinamic M81 (2 bucati)
Shure 585SAV - original(nemodificat !!!)
Shure Commando 415 controlled magnetic element
Shure 520D with Turner ceramic element
Calrad DM12
Astatic 200 with Shure Commando controlled magnetic element
Shure 585SA - modificat

Toate microfoanele modificate au instalat conector XLR si potentiometru de volum de tip militar, complet capsulat, garantat intre 50.000-100.000 de rotatii !

Preturile sunt intre 120 si 200 Euro ! Pentru mai multe detalii discutam in mesaj privat. Multumesc frumos ;)

Puteti sa le auziti cu suna pe YouTube in acest link:


CALRAD DM12 vintage - VC & XLR - high impedance - unballanced output.jpg

microphone 1 - BEYER DYNAMIC M81 medium impedance ballanced output XLR & VC_1.jpg

microphone 2 - BEYER DYNAMIC M81 medium impedance ballanced output XLR & VC_1.jpg

SENNHEISER MD214N lavalier VC & XLR ballanced low impedance_1.jpg

SENNHEISER MD214N lavalier VC & XLR ballanced low impedance_2.jpg

SHURE 585SA + XLR & VC high impedance 1.jpg

SHURE 585SA + XLR & VC high impedance 2.jpg

SHURE 585SAV high impedance unballanced.jpg

SHURE Commando VC & XLR high impedance.jpg




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