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  1. 17 minutes ago, boc said:

    Aplicatia de configurare poate fii facuta sa functioneze si pe linux sau web?

    Aplicatia la momentul actual ruleaza doar pe Windows - pe web nu cred ca are cum sa functioneze deoarece are nevoie sa acceseze portul Serial pe care il creaza interfata de configurare - deci web din cate stiu este exclus.
    Pe Linux nu este dezvoltata inca dar cred ca in WINE poate sa functioneze insa NU este testata.

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  2. Un proiect la care lucrez de ceva vreme. O placa universala si extrem de configurabila (cred ca acopera cam toate scenariile posibile) - sper ca nu va deranjeaza descrierea in engleza dar nu mai am puterea sa o fac si in romana


    Technical specifications:
    - 8 inputs for switches
    - 8 outputs that can supply up to 150mA (each)
    - can accept DC or AC as supply voltage (between 6V and 12V DC or AC)
    - MIDI IN / OUT / THROUGH (buffered)
    - Mute output port for MUTE before switch
    - Optional LCD output
    - 8 status outputs (can supply LEDs for example)

    Configuration specifications:
    - For each MIDI PC message can be assigned a combination of active outputs (relays)
    - For each of the 8 INPUTS can be assigned a combination of active outputs (relays)
    - For each of the 8 INPUTS a maximum of 16 characters name can be assigned (visible on the optional LCD)
    - For each of the 8 OUTPUTS can be assigned a MIDI CC number (CC value grater than 0 would activate the output / a CC with a value of 0 would deactivate the output)
    - Configurable pre-mute delay and mute delay (each with its own values)
    - MIDI channel can be freely configured
    - For each of the 8 inputs a MIDI PC message can be assigned to be sent when the input is activated also, a different channel can be assigned for the MIDI PC messages sent by the foot-switches
    - In case of not using the MIDI PC send feature, this can be deactivated
    - Each of the 8 OUTPUTS can be configured pe be a momentary latch with a custom time between 0 and 255ms (1/4 of a sec)

    Utility specifications:
    - The ability to erase the board via GUI and reset it to factory defaults
    - The ability to save the current configuration of the board
    - The ability to restore the saved configuration of the board (for example in case that many boards needs to be configured with the same features)
    - Firmware update section - for updating the running firmware of the board or to upload custom firmware (available by request)

    All the configuration features are available via a computer GUI (compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 / 64 and 32 bits)

    Package will be delivered with the control board, programming interface and instructions to download the GUI programming application.







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  3. In cazul unui repetor pe catod este o practica foarte buna indiferent de tub, ca filamentul sa fie adus la acelasi potential sau la un potential care sa garanteze ca intre F si K nu exista o diferenta mai mare de 100V altfel tubul o sa se duca.

    Pentru teste poti sa sari peste acest pas...dar in viata reala ... cam este necesara.


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