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  1. I moved to Bucharest a month ago. I have a guitar project for which I would love to find help. My guitar is an 1960s Japanese hollowbody copy of a 335-style guitar. The pickup cavities are peculiar, but I would like to install Dogear P90s on them. Perhaps I can glue some shims on the corners, for there to be material into which screw-holes can be drilled. I also have a new harness (GuitarFetish's solderless KwikPlug system) which I would need help installing, because my 335 copy has a blade style switch instead of the toggle switch that the harness has, so it would need tinkering in that regard. I also have a brass nut that I would like fitted or filed down to replace the previous nut. Any recommendations on how to address these issues or where to go?
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