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  1. Va salut! Caut oameni disponibili pentru un proiect progressive metal. Am mai incercat aici stiu ca se gasesc cu greu, dar nu ma las. Va rog PM!
  2. Pret: 20 ron Localitate: bucuresti Contact: 0765968341 Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi Vand colectie cd-uri rock/metal(originale) de preferat in bucuresti ,pt provincie trimit doar pachet de minim 5 cd-uri. Unele cd-uri prezinta urme de folosinta atragand de la sine o negociere. Voi fotografia detaliat fiecare cd in functie de cerere ! CD-25 ron: MARILYN MANSON- Holy wood KORN-Untitled KORN-Here to stay HATEBREED-Supremacy AS I LAY DYING-Shadows are security INCUBUS-Morning view KORN-Live & Rare KORN-Follow the leader NIRVANA-Bleach FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND-Seven ways to screamyoure name KILLSWITCH ENGAGE-Untitled HATEBREED-Under the knife MARILYN MANSON-Eat me drink me MARILYN MANSON-Mechanical animals KORN-Immortal DEFTONES-Untitled BLEEDING THROUGH-Declaration HATEBREED-The rise of brutality MNEMIC-The audio injected soul CALIBAN-Vent KORN-Unplugged CALIBAN-I am nemesis SLIPKNOT-Slipknot 4LYN-Neon 4LYN-Take it as a compliment KILLSWITCH ENGAGE-Alive or just breathing FOO FIGHTERS-Skin and bones STATIC-X-Start a war STATIC-X-Beneath...between...beyond IT DIES TODAY-The caitiff choir SCARS ON BROADWAY-Untitled BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE-The poison LIMP BIZKIT-Gold cobra WALLS OF JERICHO-All hail the dead SLIPKNOT-Vol.3 the subliminal verses LIMP BIZKIT-Significant other BODYCOUNT-Hey joe MACHINEMADE GOD-The infinity complex CALIBAN-The anoying darkness MILLENCOLIN-Same old tunes CHIMAIRA-The impossibility of reason CALIBAN vs. HEAVEN SHALL BURN-The split program II KORN-See you on the other side MILLENCOLIN-Home from home KORN-Untouchables SICK OF IT ALL-Life on the ropes MAROON-When worlds collide MURDERDOLLS-Beyond the valley of the murderdolls SLIPKNOT-Iowa INCUBUS-Make youreself METALLICA-St. anger THE OFFSPRING-Ixnay on the hombre PAPA ROACH-Getting away with murder STAIND-Brake the cycle FOO FIGHTERS-Untitled NINE INCH NAILS-With teeth BLEEDING THROUGH-Portrait of the goddess MACHINE HEAD-Through the ashes of empires AS I LAY DYING-An oceans between us GOOD CHARLOTTE-The chronicles of life and death SLIPKNOT-Massaker LIMP BIZKIT-The unquestionable truth part 1 GREEN DAY-American idiot 18 VISIONS-Untitled AS I LAY DYING-American tragedy RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-Californication COAL CHAMBER-Giving the devil his due PAPA ROACH-The paramour sessions BURY MY SINS-King of all fears AS I LAY DYING-A long march GOD FORBID-Gone forever THE AGONY SCENE-Get damned STAIND-Dysfunction KITTIE-Spit INCUBUS-Light grenades SICK OF IT ALL-Death to tyrants CALIBAN vs. HEAVEN SHALL BURN-The split program CALIBAN-The opposite from within 4LYN-Compadres AVENGED SEVENFOLD-City of evil TRUSTKILL-Takeover AFI-December underground RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE-Evil empire HEAVEN SHALL BURN-Deaf to our prayers CHIMAIRA-Untitled MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE-Three cheers for sweet revenge POISON THE WELL-Tear from the red BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE-Scream aim fire LIMP BIZKIT-Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water LIMP BIZKIT-The new old songs INCUBUS-Science FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND-Hours IN FLAMES-Soundtrack to your escape +44-When your heart stop beating ITCHY POOPZKID-Heart to believe DONATS-Coma chameleon DOUBLE CD-35ron KILLSWITCH ENGAGE-Special edition cd+dvd INTO THE PIT-This is the the new hate dual cd LINKIN PARK-Live in texas cd+dvd SONIC SYNDICATE-Only inhuman cd+dvd CLAWFINGER-Hate youreself with style cd+dvd INCUBUS-Alive at red rocks cd+dvd KORN-Greatest hits cd+dvb CELEBRITY-Mining for twilight 2cd GOD FORBID-IV:constitution of treason dual cd DESPISED ICON-Day of mourning cd+dvd BEATSTEAKS-.limbo mesiah cd+dvd DVD - 30 ron INCUBUS-The morning view session BLINK 182-Greatest hits Diferiti artisti germani 15 ron: FREIWILD-Hart am wind TONY D-Total schaden BOHSE ONKELZ-Ein boses marchen BOHSE ONKELZ-Eins BOHSE ONKELZ-Adios BOHSE ONKELZ-Viva los tioz BOHSE ONKELZ-Untitled BOHSE ONKELZ-Dopamin NACHTWANDLER-Zuruck in den wald MEDIZINMANN-Rocknroller SABRINA SETLUR-Rot CAIIEJON-Blitzkreutz UZI&PERVERZ-Fehler im system NARZIB-Die hoffnung stirbt zuletzt PA SPORTS-Machtwechsel SPAX-Alles relativ NAZAR vs. RAF CAMORA-Artcore SIDO-Ich NEMESIS-Ersgunterjunge sampler vol1 DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER-Lauschgift SOUNTRACK DER STRASSE-Vol1 & vol2 FARIN URLAUB RACING TEAM-Live album of death DJ TOMEKK-Best of D-BO-Seelenblur BLOKK&ARZT-Untergrund B-TIGHT-Drinne 490-Diefruchen jahre SCHIMBURI fac doar cu muzica din zona progressive rock/metal !!!!
  3. se poate auzi chitara in acest video :
  4. Pret: 1200 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: 0744897413 Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Vand Ibanez Rg320Fm ,1200 lei , sau fara case 1000 lei, bucuresti ,brasov ,tgmures ,predare personala!
  5. A venit iarna .......din nou si patinele nu sau dat deloc pe gheata
  6. Pret: 400 ron Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: 0744897413 Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Vand 2 buc. roti de iarna wredenstein wintrac 205/55/16 400 ron . Fix!
  7. se lucreaza de zor... fara basist asa ca asteptam unul!!!
  8. Mai e nevoie de un basist bun , de preferat "cantacios" pe 5 -6 corzi !!!
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