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  1. 1. TC Electronic D-Two__(Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay, inspirat de legendarul TC 2290, pana la 10 sec de delay (Spațial, Ping Pong, Reverse, Dynamic Delay), cor & filtru). 2. 2x Klark Teknik Square One Dynamic__(Procesor dinamic cu 8 canale de compresie configurabile (RMS sensing), compresor "Vintage" (peak sensing), limitor, expander sau noise gate mono, stereo plus mod multi channel). 3. KLARK TEKNIK SQUARE ONE GRAPHIC__(Egalizator grafic cu 2 x 30 benzi, intrari si iesiri libere balansate, relee bypass, filtru Q PROportional, filtre high pass (80 Hz) si low pass (12 kHz). 4. the t.racks Rack Power Supply 19"__(față: 2x prize cu contact de protecție cu capac rabatabil,spate: 6x prize cu contact de protecție cu capac rabatabil. 5. 8x Insert Y-Cable 2,5m­­__(stereo jack to 2x XLR (male & female), 2cabluri XLR/5m (male & female), 4 cabluri Jack/Jack stereo 6. Flyht Pro Case 12U Double Door__(Case cu doua uși fata/spate de înaltă calitate .
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