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  1. Yo ! found already the white plastic SC's for the XV500 copy , now still looking for 3 chrome or brass metal pu's ( with embossed line on top ) for a Doïna Star3 ...! greetings & thx !!! ivan alias lordbizarre
  2. Yo ! found already the white plastic SC's for the XV500 copy , now still looking for 3 chrome or brass metal pu's ( with embossed line on top ) for a Doïna Star3 ...! greetings & thx !!! ivan alias lordbizarre
  3. Hi ! To get some Doïna & Hora guitars back into shape I'm looking for some hardware for them . For two Doïna Super ( Crucianelli copy's ) I need the pu's ( chrome or brass ) , for a Hora XV500 copy I need one white pu ( those are wider than the usual single coils ) . Greetings & thx ! ivan
  4. yes , that's correct , I contacted them and I had a message ( ten years ago ) from mr. ing. Nikolae Bagzan , former head of Hora Reghin , where he showed me all Hora Reghin made electric guitars . I also know that he was appointed to the job in the mid 60's and probably arround that time Doïna Bucuresti dissapeared ( due to the Hora competition ? ) . Hora took over the legacy of electric guitars from C.I.L.Reghin & C.P.L.Reghin , who were (industrial ) timberworks , a.f.a.I.k. C.I.L. even had some , partially wooden , airplanes in their range !!! If more info : feel free to add !!!
  5. ..b.t.w. aren't there no Romania Vintage Guitar forum/groups where info is to be found ..?.. I'm sure that I've seen it somewhere on the Net , with the expenation of serial numbers ...but can't find it back ...damn...
  6. Olraait Vektor ! Thx for the input . About C.P.L. I alreaday found out ( by Google Translate ..hèhè..) that it's indeed Prelucrare . I don't know if contacting C.I.L. or C.P.L. or Doïna can be done since the 60's likely Hora Reghin took over and as far as I know they don't know ...I presume I've to visit the plant and perhaps get some answers . Just have to wait I suppose ( and/or get my hands on a thousand other instruments...LOL...)
  7. Hi , new here ! Hope this is the place to be . I'm ivan , alias lordbizarre , curator of "lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum " Belgium . I've a lot Romanian guitars in my collection , please see www.lordbizarre.com One by One East-Europe Romania and enjoy the vieuw of some Romanian guitars ! I've written a book about "electric , acoustic and bass guitars Made in Bulgaria" ( for sale € 29,50 + sending fees , please write to lordbizarre@skynet.be or https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/Bulgarian-Acoustic-Electric-Guitars-Reference-Book-Encyclopedia-Limited-Edition/372521513010?hash=item56bc033032:g:v8EAAOSwyf1bLhZu ) and would like to write one about Romania guitars !!! But that's beside the question : my question : how can one read or interpret the serial numbers on those guitars ( all can be seen on www.lordbizarre.com ! )? For C.I.L. Reghin (Complexu Industrializare Lemnului ) 4245 and 15619 for C.P.L. Reghin ( what would the " P " mean ..?..) 2074 for Doïna Bucuresti old é-coustic ( electrified acoustic ) 582 Doïna Super 34689 Doïna Serenada 1: XIII and XXXIV Doïna Serenada 2: XXVII Doïna Star3: XXIX and XXXXI Doïna Sângerat: XXIX Doïna Voce bass: 24071 Doïna Voce bass transformed to six-string: XII It's rather important to understand those serial numbers since ( normally ) date ; model series ; numbers manufactured...etc..etc could be hidden into those serial numbers !! greetings & thx for any reply , via this forum or directly at my www ! greetings & thx ! , vă salut și vă mulțumesc! ivan alias lordbizarre
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