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  1. Eegön

    vând Synth Arturia Microbrute Creations

    900 + expedition costs
  2. Eegön

    vând Zoom G3x Multifx + looper

    The price is down to 600 lei
  3. Eegön

    vând Zoom G3x Multifx + looper

    No thanks I am not interested
  4. Salut! Selling an Arturia Microbrute Creations bought just a couple of months ago. The synth is in perfect conditions, with box, power supply, manual and all. Fat sound, semi modular, perfect to learn the basics of synthesis and record fat bass/leads sounds. It has a built in sequencer as well, which allows to go crazy turning all the knobs and comprehending what they do. Is a really good instruments to use both in electronics act or with bands, it lends itself to a lot of different things. I am selling it just because I want to buy a couple of axoloti synths. Please reply and/or comment in english as my romanian is not good, I am available to send more pictures of for you to come and try it out. Multumesc!
  5. Eegön

    vând Rode NT55

    Salut! Selling studio grade microphone Rode NT55. The microphone is in perfect condition, always kept into its box, used in smoke free areas. Sadly is a single, not the couple. If you do not know the microphone yet, is perfect for drums overhead (3 mike techniques), acoustic instruments (from guitars to violins, ukulele, banjo, percussions) soft voices, and even foleys if you can get place it right. It also has interchangeable head for omni directional or cardioid polarity. It's a great microphone. Selling just because it's redundant for me at the moment! please reply and/or comment in english as my romanian is limited. I am available to send more pictures or if you want to try it out! Multumesc
  6. Salut! Selling the multi fx Zoom G3x. It has been discontinued. The pedal is working perfectly, comes with power supply and self-made power adapter (I bought it from the US). The pedal has 6 slots of different effects that you can chain, a hundred presets that you can save, an expression pedal to control anything from volume to delay mix to wah wah and it can act both as a tuner and as a looper. The looper function has undo/redo functions as well. It' s all in all a great pedal, takes a little time to 'design' your own sounds, but you can really do anything with it, even stack 4 delays on top of each other or 3 distortions or....well you get the idea. The manual is super easy to find online Selling because I now use bias fx with a midi controller. Please reply and/or comment in english as my romanian is lacking! I am available to send more pictures or for any try... Multumesc!
  7. Hi! After only a couple months since buying I am selling a Korg Volca Kick in perfect state, completely functional with box, batteries and all. I am selling because even if it is fun to use I realized that I do not really need it and I want the smallest set possible. Please reply or comment in english, as my romanian is still really limited, I am available for questions, to send more pictures etc! Salut!
  8. Eegön

    vând [EXPIRAT] Fender Strat 94

    More pictures, swrial number is N398788. Year is ‘98 not 94
  9. Eegön

    vând [EXPIRAT] Fender Strat 94

    Thank you, I will add more pictures
  10. Eegön

    vând [EXPIRAT] Fender Strat 94

    Sorry, but if I was proficient in romanian I would have written in romanian, I am still learning, an english reply would be much appreciated.
  11. Salut! I am selling my beloved Stratocaster original USA from 1994. The sound is amazing and I fixed all the electronics some time ago. Selling with a proel soft gig bag. The guitar has +20 years and I am not the first owner, so please do not ask about the original documentations or a rigid fender case because I do not have them. Please contact me for every question and for the serial number. Multumesc
  12. Eegön

    Jam Session/Open Mic every wednesday

    THE LOCATION OF THE JAM SESSION HAS CHANGED!! The place is going to be ForFriends Bar! I hope the people interested will read this! see you there!
  13. Salut! The bar Volum4/Intersectia is opening a jamming night/open mic on every Wednesday night from 7 pm. The place has a little mixer but I recommend to bring acoustic instruments if you have any! In case you don’ t know about it an open jam is an event where musicians meet and play on simple chords progressions, on 12 bar blues or on songs that more people know already how to play! Is a beautiful way to meet new musicians and create friendships! An open mic is when songwriters have some time to play their original songs for other people, and see how it goes On wednesday night we are going to have both together, in the hope of people creating bands and listen to new music! I’ ll see you there!
  14. Eegön

    Stoney Street live @Volum4, ForFriends

    The gig @ Volum4/intersectia of last night has been postponed to tonight because of bas weather! Please feel free to join
  15. Eegön

    Looking for acoustic bands!

    there is an basic pa in there with speakers, I have a mixer, no need to bring anything but your bass and jack cables, I cannot download or listen any of your links tho, you have a soundcloud page? Or would you like to send the over by email at egon.allegri@outlook.com also if you know other musicians invite them over, the more people comes there the better, creates community and possibilities for bands/projects

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