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      RGC.ro ruleaza acum cea mai noua versiune a Invision Power Board. Versiunea anterioara a Invision Power Board nu mai primeste actualizari de scuritate, acesta fiind motivul principal pentru care am facut upgrade-ul. Functionalitatile cu care sunteti obisnuit ( chatul, sistemul de feedback/rating pentru tranzactii) sunt in continuare functionale dar e posibil ca modul prin care pot fi accesate sa fie usor diferit.   O parte din datele stocate in baza de date trebuie reprocesate si este posbil ca unele informatii sa nu fie imediat disponibile (ratinguri, mesaje private, semnaturi). Reprocesarea va dura aproximativ o zi.   Va rugam sa ne semnalati daca intampinati probleme in a utiliza siteul aici: Cateva modificari/noutati La adaugarea de feedback pentru o tranzactie este necesar sa mentionati un topic. Topicul introduce tastand in casuta aferenta titlul si apo selectand topicul respectiv. In postari se poate folosi caracterul @ urmat de numele unui utilizator pentru a atrage atentia utilizatorului respectiv. In functie de setari, utilizatorul va primi o notificare sau un email. Functia Activity Stream (https://forums.rgc.ro/discover/?do=create) permite crearea de cautari personalizate (topicuri create, postari recente etc).   Va multumim pentru intelegere!   RGC.ro  

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  1. vând

    The deal doesn't get any sweeter than this. I can sell this bass with 3500 leis and i'll throw EBS fuzzmo and octabass on top of it for free.
  2. vând

    This bass is a beast and nothing like you've played before. Make me a decent offer take him to a good home. I can bring this for a test in Brasov area.
  3. 'The multidrive allows you to blend Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz together, creating a full and rich array of tones that would not be available otherwise. Let the sustain of fuzz, the bite of distortion and the clarity and note definition of overdrive all work together! It's like having an overdrive pedal, a fuzz pedal, and a distortion pedal, all in one box.' Works both with guitar and bass. Handmade in Canada.
  4. vând

    Hi, With heavy hearted i'm selling my Gibson RD style bass 'The Hellhound', custom made for me in Finland from the best materials and components. - Maple body, maple neck and maple fretboard - Active EMG electronics - Hipshot SuperTone bridge - Schaller tuners The price is negotiable.