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    Korg pa 50, 80, 500, Roland Exr 5s, Va76, BK5, Yamaha S700, DGX 530, Sinturi- Yamaha MM6, Korg X50, Monitor activ -the box MA1220 MKII, Microfon Shure, PLaca audio E-Mu tracker pre, Mixer Allesis....etc

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  1. gianim74

    vând Korg PA500

    Vand korg Pa500. Stare foarte buna, fara zgarieturi sau stersaturi. Se vede in poza exact cum este produsul. Are o diferenta de culoare pe sita difuzorului stang. Atat. Ofer card de 2GB. Detalii la telefon sau mesaje.
  2. Vand orga Yamaha PSR S900 in stare buna de functionare, este adusa din Germania. Aspect 9/10. Pentru detalii puteti suna. Functioneaza normal. Pret 450 euro. Puteti vedea demo mai multe pe youtube la ceea ce poate si cum suna aceasta clapa.
  3. Ultima strigare la korg tr76 ca nou: 1600 lei valabil pana sambata.
  4. Korg TR76, 64 MB sampler! Up, 1950 deosebit de urgent!
  5. Korg tr 76, urgent! 2000 lei! 64 mb sampler!
  6. Schimb cu pa1xpro si dau diferenta un acordeon parrot 96 basi, 7+2 registre. Stare foarte buna, cutie originala, nu prea este cantat.
  7. Pret: 2550 lei Localitate: Timisoara Contact: 0726960061 Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi Vand acest model de clapa, korg tr76, o clapa extraordinara pentru tonuri si manual. Este in stare impecabila, 9.8/10. Are husa, 64 mb sampler, card 1GB. Detalii se gasesc mai jos. Pozele sunt de model, voi reveni si cu poze celor interesati. Detalii pe privat. Accept schimb DOAR cu korg pa1x pro cu diferenta din partea mea. Tone Generator: HI synthesis system, 48kHz sampling frequency, 64MByte PCM ROM, 470 multi-samples + 518 drum samples Polyphony: 62 voices, 62 oscillators (single mode)/31 voices, 62 oscillators (double mode) Keyboard: 61 keys and 76 keys; velocity and aftertouch sensing Effect Section: Stereo digital multi-effect system--all usable simultaneously 2 Master effects (mono in, stereo out) 1 Insert effect (stereo in/out) Master EQ (3-band stereo) Number of Effects: 89 (available for insert effects or master effects) Programs/Combinations: 512 programs/384 combinations/24 Drumkits, GM - 128 programs + 9 drum kits (ROM) Sequencer: 16 timbres, 16 tracks, resolution 1/192, 150 preset drum patterns/100 user patterns (for each song), 200 songs, 20 cue lists, Maximum capacity: 200,000 notes, Supports TR/TRITON format (.SNG file), Standard MIDI Files (format 0 and 1) Dual Arpeggiators: Two arpeggiators, useable simultaneously (Combination, Sequencer modes), 5 preset arpeggio patterns; 216 user arpeggio patterns (200 preloaded) RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) Function: One set available for each song. Controllers: Joystick, 2 assignable switches, 4 assignable knobs, Audition switch, Category switch. Control Inputs: Assignable switch/pedal, Damper (half/damper supported) Outputs: MAIN=L/MONO, R, Individual-1, 2, Headphone SD Card/MEDIA Mode Functions: Load, Save, Utility, Data filer functions (Save/Load of MIDI exclusive data) CD-ROM (ISO9660 level 1, AKAI S-100/3000 format) loading available (when EXB-SMPL installed) Media Slot: SD card slot 2.7~3.6 V compatible 16 MB~1 GB memory capacities supported USB: USB-B connector (USB ver.1.1 supported) MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU Graphical User Interface: 240 x 64 pixel LCD display with back-light Power Consumption: 13 W (when EXB-SMPL and 2/32 MB SIMMs are installed) Dimensions (W x D x H): 76-key: 49.53 x 11.89 x 3.74 in. (1,258 x 302 x 95 mm) 61-key: 41.14 x 11.89 x 3.74 in. (1,045 x 302 x 95 mm) Weight: 76-key: 9.2 kg (20.28 lbs.) 61-key: 7.8 kg (17.2 lbs.) Accessories (Included): AC/AC power supply EXB-SMPL Sampling Upgrade (sold separately): 48 kHz, 16-bit linear Memory capacity=64MB* (when 2/32 MB SIMMs installed, 16 MB SIMM included with the EXB-SMPL) 4,000 samples / 1,000 multisamples (128 indexes are available per multisample), Time Slice, Time Stretch/Compress, other editing functions AIFF, WAVE, AKAI (S3000/S1000 samples and mapped multisamples only), Korg format sample data loading are available Sample data exporting as AIFF, WAVE format available
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