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    Fender Telecaster '95 MiJ ,Fender Telecaster MiM, Yamaha Revstar,Fender Stratocaster Aztec Gold Anniversary MiM, Roland BK7m, Yamaha stage piano, Roland A37, EV SX 300, Dynacord PM, Edirol MIDI Keys, Mics: Shure Beta58, EV d657, EV Cobalt Co11, Yamaha keyboards , Korg 01W FD, Roland GW7, Marshall amp , Yamaha THR,Boss DS1,Boss OD3 , Boss CE3,Boss DD20, Boss GE7, Boss NS2,Palmer Overdrive, EHX Crayon Fender St.Ana,Fender YM overdrive, Strymon BlueSky,TC Electronic, MXR Fullbore Metal,MXR '78 distortion, EHX Metal Muff etc.

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    Stativ De Microfon "goose Neck"
    vanzator serios!!

    alias1 was The Seller

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