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  1. Tascam DP-02 8 track digital studio mic, line, guitar inputs 80 gb internal HD reverb, multi effect processor guitar tuner amp modeling computer backup tracks
  2. Digitech Vocalist Live 5 Vocalist pentru chitaristi. 4 voci in timp real urmarind armonia de chitara efecte voce: preamp, compressor/gate, lead effects, harmony, reverb, echo/delay efecte chitara: reverb, chorus, flange 100 preseturi cu A si B variation
  3. fisa

    vând Husa clape

  4. fisa

    vând E-mu ESI 4000

  5. fisa

    vând Husa clape

    Lungime 98, Latime 43, Grosime 17. Nu se potriveste.
  6. fisa

    vând Husa clape

    Vand husa clape 61 keys, noua, nefolosita.
  7. fisa

    vând E-mu ESI 4000

  8. fisa

    vând E-mu ESI 4000

    Vintage sampler E-mu ESI 4000, 72 MB RAM, 4 GB internal HDD + SCSI CD-ROM Sony + 7 CD Sound Library.
  9. Vand Digitech Vocalist Live 5, stare foarte buna, 250 €.
  10. fisa

    Kurzweil Pc3Le

    700 €.
  11. fisa

    Kurzweil Pc3Le

    Kurzweil PC3LE7 750 €.
  12. fisa

    vând Nord Lead 4R

    Da. Ti-am scris in messages.
  13. fisa

    vând Nord Lead 4R

    Ultimul pret e 4500 ron.
  14. fisa

    vând Nord Lead 4R

    Nu, multumesc.

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