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    Gibson, Zakk Wylde Emg set, Zakk Wylde Boomers, Peavey 6505+, Planet Waves Cables, Shure-SM58, AKG-K240Studio, TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6, Blackstar.
  1. Up! https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/107758-preamp-de-microfon-pentru-home-studio-behringer-minimic/
  2. Up! https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/107759-compresor-pentru-home-studio-behringer-minicom/
  3. Up! Poate fi folosit ca si rack, impreuna cu: https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/107758-preamp-de-microfon-pentru-home-studio-behringer-minimic/
  4. Up! Poate fi folosit ca si rack, impreuna cu: https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/107759-compresor-pentru-home-studio-behringer-minicom/
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