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  1. Doar bateria trebuie schimbata, ca la toate, dar functioneaza ireprosabil.
  2. Pret: 0 RON Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: MP Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Sony dps R7 - reverb - 300 euro Sony dps M7 - modulator - 300 euro Sony dps D7 - delay - 200 euro (toate trei - 700 euro) Dynacord VRS23 - Vertical Reverberation System - reverb/delay - 300 euro Roland SDE2500 - delay - 250 euro
  3. Pret: 500 E Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: MP Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi Vand acest monstru despre care multi zic ca are cele mai bune filtre facute vreodata de Korg. Capacitati unice, printre care cea de a desena cu slider-ul propriile waveform-uri. Suna incredibil. Are inclusiv dual delay pentru sound design madness. Are cea mai intuitiva interfata pe care am vazut-o la un sampler. IMPORTANT: E upgradat cu cititor de carduri SD in loc de Floppy deci e super rapid la incarcat orice ton compatibil de pe net. E mare si greu, se livreaza doar personal in Bucuresti. La vanzare o perioada limitata. A wonderful early digital synthesizer. With eight notes of polyphony, two oscillators per voice, a noise source, two multi-stage envelopes, a resonant filter and auto-bend, the DSS-1 has much in common with Korg's previous flagship DW-8000. But it went much further, boasting twin digital delays, oscillator sync, an improved unison mode, a lush analog VCF switchable between 12 and 24dB, and more. Whereas the DW-8000 got its raw material from 16 stored digital waves, the DSS1's oscillators take their source from sampling, additive synthesis, or even hand-drawn waveforms! It actually had a warm sound and was great for creating pads and textures, as well as deep basses and drones. The synthesis method is based on altering various waveform samples via 2 data sliders. It can sample and then treat the samples as its waveforms - that includes all filtering and envelopes.
  4. https://forums.rgc.ro/topic/116343-m-audio-fast-track-pro/
  5. Pret: 300 ron Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: MP Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi Vand aceasta placa de sunet. Stare perfecta de functionare, aspect foarte bun. Mai ieftin si mai bun pentru 4 in/4 outs + SPDIF nu gasiti. Pret mic pentru o vinzare rapida. Prefer livrare personala.
  6. Salut. Ti-am trimis mesaj. Clapa functioneaza perfect, in cazul in care mai era cineva curios.
  7. Pret: 400 Localitate: Bucuresti Contact: MP Stare: Uzura normala Accept schimburi: Accept schimburi Arata bine si functioneaza ireprosabil.
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