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Tomi Karikas

vând Cabluri Multe

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Pret: 400 RON

Localitate: Cluj Napoca

Contact: karikas.istvan@yahoo.ro

Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou

Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi

Vand urmatoarele cabluri:
1. Cablu Audio 2RCA plugs-1JACK plug 3.5mm – 10m-15ron
2. Cablu Audio 2RCA plugs-1JACK plug 3.5mm 1,5 m-20ron (calitate superioara)
3. Cablu Video 3RCA plugs-3RCA plugs Profigold 1,5m-30ron (calitate superioara cu aur)
4. Cablu Video 3RCA plugs-3RCA plugs-1,5m-10ron
5. Cablu Audio 2RCA plugs-2RCA plugs 1,5m-8ron
6. Cablu RCA plug-RCA plug 1,5m 5ron
7. Cablu RCA plug- RCA socket 3,5m 6ron
8. Cablu Audio 2RCA plugs-2RCA plugs 1,5m-8ron
9. Cablu RCA plug- RCA socket 3,5m-6ron
10. Cablu Audio 2RCA plugs-1JACK plug 3.5mm-2m-10ron
11. Cablu Video 3RCA plugs-3RCA plugs-1,2m-6ron
12. Adaptor Audio 3.5mm Jack plug stereo – 2RCA socket-5ron
13. Cablu Antena coax plug-coax socket 1,5m-3ron
14. Cablu optic 1m-8ron
15. Adaptor DIN plug-RCA socket-5ron
16. Adaptor Video 3RCA plugs-DIN socket-5ron
17. Cablu boxe 2m-4ron
18. Cablu boxe 5m-7ron
19. Cablu boxe 8,5m-9ron
20. Cablu boxe 13m-10ron
21. Cablu boxe 2m-5ron (fire mai groase)
22. Cablu telefon RJ11-4,5m-3ron
23. Cablu telefon RJ11 1,7m-1ron
24. Cablu telefon RJ11-2m-2ron
25. Cablu telefon RJ11 2m-2ron
26. Cablu Ethernet RJ45 2m-10ron
27. Cablu Ethernet RJ45 3m-15ron
28. Cablu Ethernet RJ45 1,8m-8ron
29. Cablu Ethernet RJ45-2m-15ron
30. Cablu Ethernet RJ45-15m-25ron
31. Cablu Antena coax plug-coax socket-10m-10Ron
32. Cablu Antena coax plug-coax socket-2,5m-5Ron
33.Cablu USB –imprimanta-5m-10Ron
34. Cablu Ethernet RJ45-15m-25Ron
35.Cablu coaxial PAL-1,5m-5Ron
36.Cablu coaxial tv-8m-8ron
37. Cablu USB –imprimanta-1,5m-4Ron
38.Cablu monitor pc-1,5m-5Ron
39. Cablu monitor pc-1,5m-5Ron
40.Cablu video RCA-scart(6 pini)-2,3m-6Ron
41.Cablu coaxial tv-4,5m-8Ron
42. Cablu coaxial-5m-8Ron
43. Cablu coaxial-2,5m-5Ron
44. Cablu coaxial-15m-17Ron
45.Cabluri pc dvd,cd,hdd-40pini,3buc-37pini,36pini,2buc-34pini-2RON buc
In total valoreaza 400Ron cablurile.Daca cineca doreste sa le cumpere impreuna o dau toate cu 300Ron.
Cablurile sunt nefolosite.
Trimit si in tara doar daca comanda e in jur de 30-40lei.





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