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vând Tama Rockstar Shell Set, 22-10-12-14

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Vand set de tobe Tama Rockstar 22''/10''/12''/14''.


Accesoriile cu care este echipat setul sunt urmatoarele:


no. / Item / New price / link


2.1 Remo emperor clear 10'' 45 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-emperor-clear-10-fata-toba-be-0310-00.html


2.2 Remo ambasador hazy 10'' 40 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-ambassador-hazy-10-fata-rezonanta-toba-mica-sa-0110-00.html


2.3 Remo emperor clear 12'' 50 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-emperor-clear-12-fata-toba-be-0312-00.html


2.4 Remo ambasador hazy 12'' 40 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-ambassador-hazy-12-fata-rezonanta-toba-mica-sa-0112-00.html


2.5 Remo emperor clear 14'' 55 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-emperor-clear-14-fata-toba-be-0314-00.html


2.6 Remo ambasador hazy 14'' 50 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-ambassador-hazy-14-fata-rezonanta-toba-mica-sa-0114-00.html


2.7 Remo powerstroke 3 clear 22'' 160 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-powerstroke-3-clear-22-fata-toba-mare-p3-1322-c1.html


2.8 Remo powerstroke 3 ebony 22''/5'' 220 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/fete-de-toba/remo-powerstroke-3-ebony-22-cu-gaura-de-5-fata-toba-mare-p3-1022-es-dm.html


2.9 Remo Falam Double Slam 40 RON http://mcmusic.ro/tobe/accesorii/remo-falam-double-slam-falam-mare-pedala-dubla-ks-0006-ph.html


2.10 Tama case 22'' 250 RON http://mcmusic.ro/huse-si-case-uri/tobe-percutie/tama-dbb22-husa-toba-mare-dbb22.html


2.11 Tama case 10'' 120 RON http://mcmusic.ro/huse-si-case-uri/tobe-percutie/tama-dbt10-husa-tom-10-dbt10.html


2.12 Tama case 13'' 130 RON http://mcmusic.ro/huse-si-case-uri/tobe-percutie/tama-dbt13-husa-tom-13-dbt13.html



Tom-ul de 12 nu are case pt ca nu a fost folosit. Se vinde cu bratul de tom pt toba mare, iar pt cazan nu am suport. Gasiti suport in urmatoarele anunturi, tama combi stand.


Se poate vedea/incerca in Cluj si se poate trimite in tara prin curier pe cheltuiala cumparatorului. Pret de vanzare pentru tot setul cu accesoriile incluse: 570 euro


Contact doar prin mail! vig.zsolt@gmail.com








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