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HGE Contraptions (DIY hobby) -> Pedale Chitara Handmade / Modari Pedale / Wiring si Setup Chitare / Reparatii Ampuri

Razvan S.

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I want to officially announce that I will no longer be handling HGE Contraptions, due to personal reasons and time. Consequently, I will NOT be taking any more work of any kind whatsoever.
Of course I will finish the pending work I have, but that's about it. Thank you so much for your 12+ years of cooperation and the appreciation for what I did here. I will possibly fall back to playing with musical instruments again/make my own music, as I have done until some years ago, but didn't have time.
All the best! :respect:
Vreau sa anunt in mod oficial ca nu ma voi mai ocupa de HGE Contraptions, din motive total personale si ce tin de timp. In consecinta, nu mai preiau nici o lucrare de nici un fel.
Desigur ca voi finaliza lucrarile ce le mai am , dar cam atat. Va multumesc mult pt cooperarea de 12+ ani si aprecierile pt ceea ce am facut. Posibil sa ma rezum doar la a ma distra cu instrumente muzicale/face muzica proprie, cum am facut pana acum ceva ani, dar nu am avut timp.
Numai bine! :respect:
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HGE Contraptions (DIY hobby) -> Pedale Chitara Handmade / Modari Pedale / Wiring si Setup Chitare / Reparatii Ampuri


HGE Contraptions a devenit in timp un un mini business, dar a revenit la ceea ce a fost initial: doar hobby-ul meu personal.

Puteti urmari aceasta pagina daca sunteti curiosi, pentru a vedea diverse operatiuni/reparatii/proiecte ce tin de chitare si amplificatoare (si nu numai).

(Nu voi posta des, decat daca am proiecte proprii din cand in cand, si asta va fi destul de rar)

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3 minutes ago, Koroviev said:

Ce corzi ai pus pe Charvel?

Elixir 9-46, doar ca am solderuit putin spirele din capat la corzi. La Kahleru 2300 e un pull imens exercitat, si tind sa se desire.


E un trick, daca nu folosesti corzi cu matisare extra pentru a preveni desfasurarea. Tine tuningul chiar foarte bine.

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Did some corrections on a 96-97 Fender US neck that I bought some time ago for a possible future personal project:

- levelled and crowned the fretwire;
- corrected the already previously done scalloped fretboard (it was scratched and it didn't look really good);
- the neck back was horribly sanded with nothing added after... it got really dirty and sticky, yuck! -> I sanded it again to remove the grime, and applied tru oil to get the finish back and normal again;






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* SoloDallas Storm Booster V1 Clone (143rd pedal built)

This particular pedal is a nice circuit variant present in the original Schaffer-Vega Diversity System Wireless ''tower'' used by EVH, Angus Young, Pink Floyd, Kiss, The Rolling Stones.

Massive boost, although a bit noisy (LM386, tried a few variants with some being much better on the noise part), but great sound overall, it literally pushes everything and gives a great chug sound and enough gain on tap. The limiter is very subtle but has its purpose if wanted, this is achieved by an NSL-32 Optocoupler.




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