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expirat vând [EXPIRAT] Marshall AVT275 Valvestate 2000 - 2x75W

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Pret: 1750 RON - negociabil
Localitate: Bucuresti
Contact: andrei3571@yahoo.com / 0722592832
Stare: Foarte buna/Ca nou
Accept schimburi: Nu accept schimburi

Vand, pe langa efectele pubicate in sectiunea aferenta, aplificatorul de chitara Marshall AVT275 Valvestate 2000.

Este in perfecta stare de functionare si impecabil estetic, daca omitem un pic de praf adunat in decursul timpului, nefiind utilizat.

Fabricat in UK! Amplificatorul are husa si pedala de control. 

Personal, l-am cumparat pentru canalul curat (clean) ce suna extraordinar si pentru bucla de efecte stereo ce permite orice pedale.

Pozele atasate au fost facute cu un telefon, deci va rog sa tineti cont ca exista reflexii si aberatii dimensionale nedorite. Pe langa acestea am adaugat si manualul de utilizare.

Descriere oficiala (am lasat-o netradusa pentru a nu altera continutul):

Marshall AVT - Tube Warmth Meets Solid-State Convenience!

A Marshall AVT amp emulates the tone, feel and response of their world-renowned, all-valve amplifiers with unerring accuracy - without using valves in the power stage! The Marshall AVT275 is a 2x12" combo amp that is perfect for practice and performance, especially where size and mobility matters!

Marshall AVT275 at a Glance:


  • Output: 2 x 75-Watts (Celestion G12T-AVT100)
  • Impedance: 2 x 8 Ohms
  • Speaker size: 2x12"
  • Channels: 4 tube preamp channels
  • 2 effects sections
  • 16 onboard effects
  • Emulated Speaker Line Output (stereo)
  • Headphone jack
  • CD input
  • Dimensions: 67 x 52 x 27 cm
  • Weight: 34kg
  • Use left and right speaker outputs to drive extension cabs
  • Speaker emulated line outs
  • Effects loop with stereo returns

Marshall AVT275 - 4 Channels of Marshall Tone The AVT275 combo boasts more channels and features than any other Valvestate amplifier before. Its four channels are: Acoustic Simulator, Clean, Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2.

  • Acoustic Simulator: As its name suggests, it transforms the sound of a standard electric guitar into that of an acoustic.
  • Clean: This incredibly versatile channel will take you from the cleanest clean to a natural, valve-induced crunch and anywhere in between. A Bright Switch enhances high-end cut at low Gain settings.
  • Overdrive 1: Takes you from the dynamic raunch of a 1959 Plexi to the larger-than-life crunch of a cranked JCM800. It also has a Scoop Switch which reconfigures the EQ to give you that classic, ride-the-lightning Thrash sound of the '80s.
  • Overdrive 2: Goes from the primal angst of a hot-rodded JCM800 to the most extreme gain ever found in a Marshall. The scoop switch on this channel produces the brutal, bone-crushing slam of modern ('Nu') Metal.

The fact that all four channels are footswitchable means that one guitarist now has the flexibility to use professional quality acoustic and electric sounds in the same song, without having to change guitars or amps! Additionally, the AVT275 features a stereo 2x12" format, allowing the on-board DFX to add an incredibly rich, stereo dimension to your sound! Finally, the left and right speaker outputs could be used to drive extension cabinets.

Custom-Voiced Onboard Effects The AVT275 boasts 16 adjustable, custom-voiced DFX which are controlled by the following three controls: DFX Mix, DFX Adjust and DFX Select. Here the greatest care was taken to ensure that the highest level of signal integrity was maintained at all times. Marshall achieved this by successfully integrating DFX into the tonal topology of AVT without adding any of the nasty-sounding, artificial 'grain' often associated with DFX. To make the 16, custom-voiced DFX as controllable and user friendly as possible the relevant models are all supplied with an LED equipped foot controller which allows you to switch the amp's DFX on and off, as well as change channels.

Tube Warmth & Solid-State Convenience Meets Digital Power In Marshall's quest to give players the ultimate tone at an unbelievable price, they have combined the latest innovations in valve, solid state and digital technologies to achieve optimum sonic performance in the AVT line of amps.

Valve Drive Pre-amp Every Marshall amp in the AVT line, including the Marshall AVT275, boasts a pre-amp stage that is driven by an ECC83 Dual Triode valve. Unlike other hybrid amps out there, this valve isn't merely acting as a pilot light. Instead it is playing the central role in the gain, distortion and tone generating circuitry. Marshall has gone to great lengths to ensure that this precious device delivers maximum sonic benefit at all settings and volume levels. The resulting clean sounds ring with the bell-like harmonics that only a valve pre-amp can deliver and the break-up is never harsh or unnatural sounding. Whenever you select an AVT Overdrive channel, the ECC83 is saturated to its limit, providing dynamics and feel worthy of a place in the Marshall hall of fame.

Power Amp Delivery The same, unrivalled design expertise that went into the pre-amp was also channelled into the design of the AVT power stage. Using frequency dependent power amp damping and Marshall's proprietary, dynamic clip level technology (which emulates the HT supply of a valve power amp), each AVT power stage creates the warm, musical feel and 3-dimensional sounds that have made Marshall's all-valve power amps world-renowned. Also all Marshall AVT products, including the Marshall AVT275, will deliver the goods in the often hostile and unpredictable environment of the live performance stage.

Four channels and stereo effects makes the Marshall AVT275 a stage classic!

Pentru orice detalii suplimentare, nu ezitati sa ma contactati daca exista si intentia de cumparare.










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completare informatii

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Cumparatorul va primi si o lampa TUNG-SOL 12AX7 ECC803S, cu pini auriti. Versiunea este una premium, cu zgomot redus.

Lampa a fost verificata inaintea vanzarii cu privire la echilibrarea celor doua diode, zgomot si microfonie reduse (vezi in poze factor de amplificare si caracteristicile verificate)

O cumparasem pentru inlocuirea celei din preamplificator, dar nu m-am invrednicit sa-l deschid vre-odata.




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