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Caut Vocal Pentru Proiect Electronic Death Metal In Gen Cannibal Corpse-Ul Din '91

Chris Gdma

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Salve! Activez de 12 ani in domeniu si am trecut prin multe trupe, insa de ceva timp m-a lasat vocea din cauza unei infectii in sange si a tigarilor (fumez de 18 ani - cu 28 ca varsta in prezent). Asadar, am nevoie de un vocal la distanta (se lucreaza prin intermediul internetului) care sa dea in gen Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth spre Disgorge - Consume The Forsaken, sau ceva apropiat, absolut fara pig squeals, screamo si alte "modernisme" d-astea; ca veteran al genului, o ard Old-School pana la moarte. Nu refuz nici femei daca dau dovada de voce compatibila cu ceea ce compun eu. Pentru cei interesati, atasez o piesa doar instrumental, aceeasi piesa cu voce (de rahat ce-i drept) ca punct de reper pentru versuri si versurile pentru piesa in cauza (vocalul poate sari peste cuvintele din paranteze). Ma intereseaza WAV (lossless, nu conversie in Mp3) doar cu partea vocala pe GDMArtwork@GMail.com. Multumesc.



Full Scale Invasion
Massive fleet of ships (on) Earth's orbit appear
Motherships descend into the stratosphere
Taken by surprise, no human shall survive
(Stealth bombers) devastating cities, wiping organic life
(There's) no more room in space for humans no more
Full scale invasion, all out war
(Your) Sun goes supernova (as) our fleet jumps hyperspace
The end of the plague known as human race
Proton cannons blasting satelites down
Decimators teleported on high ground
HK units attack with full force
Advanced tech opening black holes
Nanite shrouds organics shred
Peace established when you're all dead
Extermination from above the sky
Once proud cities now pulverised
Earth engulfed in blood, pus and molten rock
Eight billion corpses left to fuckin' rot
Stench of death above all the earth and sea
Driven to extinction (with) supreme accuracy
One more full force blast through the planet's core
Intestines flow through space, severed limbs and gore
Silence setting in (as) humans were destroyed
Atoms break apart into the cosmic void
(Later edit): Am atasat si ideea pentru coperta si tin sa mentionez ca de productia MiniCD-ului fizic cu booklet si sticker ma voi ocupa personal, deci pe banii mei. Piesele sunt deja inregistrate si asteapta grohaitor.

Full Scale Invasion cu voce pentru reper versuri.mp3

Full Scale Invasion instrumental.mp3


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