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  1. Arches reference for the little jazz archtop Brown ebony top plate Back carving for the emperor Padauk family
  2. Meanwhile, i got more black n white ebony and a cool bubinga top.
  3. Cedar emperor 18 in archtop braces done Pics before glue up Mojo pickups Charclie Christian Jetson humbucker sized Eric EY parts tele CC
  4. Bassiton - 839 mm scale Cedar top emperor style Padauk cedar in shellac stage
  5. Multam, mane. Si tie! Sarbatori fericite! Sper sa treaca covidu odata sa mai dam o 🍻
  6. Hongsong chinese pine arrived. It's a lot whiter/yellower than i thought. It rings well, it's gonna make a good top. The smell is very strong, still can't tell if the padauk+sinker cedar is actually hongsong... Anyway, no knots, straight, quartersawn, what more can you ask for. But today i also made some (surely) cedar (supposedly canadian) into an archtop blank. It's sooooo light and aromatic. Very nice straight cut too. Gonna get a nanmu back so i get the lightest 18incher ever.
  7. Break angle and neck angle a bit too much, on the other archtops it was a bit too low. Getting there... Otherwise... Nice Gonna make a mold for this shape. It's 🔥
  8. This is kinda unusual too, ei rosewood flatback w carved archtop parlor sized... I think i solved the mystery of this top. it is hongsong - pinus koraiensis. I got a guy to cut some hongsong for an archtop and leftover for 2 acoustics and I will confirm it is, but pretty sure for now Glued the back on padauk carpathian - this is gonna be TOAN Super quarter sawn bridge bent some brown ebony and snakewood
  9. Padauk+ carpathian spruce parlor archtop got a neck Coming up next
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