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  1. https://blog.andertons.co.uk/guitars/cites "It does NOT apply to guitars (or other instruments) that are being traded within the borders of one country, but any time an instrument with Rosewood is sold internationally (or in our case outside of the EU) it requires CITES certification."
  2. https://reverb.com/news/new-cites-regulations-for-all-rosewood-species "A new regulation takes effect on January 2, 2017 that calls for documentation when shipping instruments internationally that contain any amount of any kind of rosewood or certain types of bubinga. It does not apply to instruments shipped within the borders of your country or instruments carried for personal use while traveling internationally [unless they contain more than 22 lbs. (10 kg) of the regulated woods]." Nu exista nici o obligativitate de a inregistra vreun instrument, si nu e nici o problema cu instrumente care circula in Uniunea Europeana. Probleme apar doar atunci cand cumparam (sau vindem) un instrument pentru care e aplicabil CITES din / in, de exemplu, SUA. Nu conteaza pentru Thomann, RGC sau Olx.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08xdlts https://www.ft.com/content/2cbdef6c-5d28-11e7-9bc8-8055f264aa8b?mhq5j=e3
  4. Pentru cei care nu stiu engleza (dar stiu romana), e "confortul".
  5. This is not Reddit son.
  6. Ca Hendrix. Din "Hendrix on Hendrix": "Q: What kind of equipment, guitars and amps do you use? Hendrix: I use a Fender Stratocaster. Everyone's talking about the 7yr old Telecaster, the 13yr old Gibson, and the 92yr old Les Paul. They've gone into an age bag right now, but it's nothing but a fad. Y'know the salesman is always telling you that Chuck Berry took this one to the bathroom and he didn't have no toilet paper, so watch out for the pickguard. The Stratocaster is the best all around guitar for the stuff we're doing. You can get the very bright trebles and the deep bass sound. I tried the Telecaster and it only has two sounds, good and bad, and a very weak tone variation. A Guild guitar is very delicate but it has one of the best sounds. I tried one of the new Gibsons but I literally couldn't play it at all, so I'll stick with Fender. I really like my old Marshall tube amps, because when they're working properly there's nothing can beat it, nothing in the whole world. It looks like two refrigerators hooked together."
  7. Experimentele pe chitara pe care am incercat asta au continuat cu doza pe care o vand azi: "Based on pickups from Sean Costello's '53 Goldtop that he sent to Jason Lollar to copy, these dog ear P-90s are coupled with weak magnets to produce lower output, a delicate attack, and less midrange and bass. This produces a brighter overall tone with less grinding distortion. It's also slower to overdrive an amp as compared with stock P-90s. An excellent choice for players seeking an early Freddie King style tone. Includes de-gaussed Alnico 2 magnets." Am cumparat-o de la Station Music, cu ~130€.
  8. S-a vandut, anuntul nu mai e valabil.