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  1. Melodii cantate de noi

    bravo bravo forestierul... super melodiile!!! :cool: baga mare!
  2. Sectiune noua

    4:00, Mama...nimeni la ora asta pe net...ce dracu ma fratilor sunt singuru care sta noaptea cu chitara in brate si viseaza sa cante ca Slash????? :cool:
  3. Cosu, super GOLDWAVE - merci exact ce cautam. Super softu Caut si eu un sofware cu care sa-mi pot face linia de DRUMS. Stie cineva?
  4. aicea ne laudam doar cu chitari sau....orice? In fine noua mea achizitie este LINE 6 POD XT care este absolut superb, primisem niste sfaturi ca ar trebui sa il iau pe ala LIVE dar cred ca mai e pana ma bag eu LIVE deci deocamdata vreau sa zic ca asta este absolut betoooon. IL RECOMAND 100% e o scula superba!!!
  5. Bancuri

    What does it mean when a guitar player is drooling out both sides of his mouth? The stage is level. How do you get a guitar player to play softer? Give him some sheet music. How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb? Twelve. One to change the bulb and eleven to say they could do it better How many lead guitarists does it take to change a light bulb? None--they just steal somebody else's light. What's the best thing to play on a guitar? Solitaire. :cool:
  6. Pentru fanii SLASH

    Da asta cam asa e
  7. Melodii pentru incepatori

    Bai nu stiu cum sa zic dar ori sunt eu dement la cap ori nu stiu ce dar nu reusesc deloc sa cant guns and roses dont you cry...sa mor eu mi se pare cam greu si totusi nu pot sa zic ca sunt incepator incepator....
  8. cine are TAB la cargo - toamna?

    opa adica cum eu sunt prost? ceva mai greu zice... merci mult cosu lam invatat deja de cand asteptam si de cand cautam si in sfarsit. super suna mai ales cu delay putin MERCI MULT raman dator 10x
  9. cine are TAB la cargo - toamna?

    Super! Merci mult de tot! :cool:
  10. cine poate sami faca si mie rost de TAB-u la (cargo - toamna) e super tare dar nu il gasesc am cautat de am inebunit si ma gandeam poate unu mai bun care stie poate sa mil zica si mie. merci mult!:cool:
  11. 1) People actually ask you to bring your guitar to their barbecue. 2)You no longer have to dust your stratocaster above the fifth fret. 3) You get your hands in vaguely the right place when playing air guitr. 4) Asta e tare : Your band mates INSURE your fingers 5)You no longer think that Floyd Rose is Axl's geeky older brother. 6)You pronounce it 'Fender' not '7 Ender' 7)A slew of promising young bands cite you as an influence. 8) You can take your eyes off the neck while soloing. 9)You can buck your hips and mouth your hotel room number while soloing. 10)You're invited to play on the roof of Buckingham Palace. 11)Your riffs are banned at the guitar shops. 12)People refuse to wash after shaking your hand. 13)Your finger tips are sponsored by World Of Leather 14)You stop using the phrase 'Hang on i'll get it in a minute' 15)An urban myth that you are Jimi Hendrix's reincarnation begins to circulate. 16)Your mother-in-law describes you as a 'musician' not 'unemployed' 17)One of your plectrums reaches $500 at an auction 18)You have a scale named after you :cool:
  12. notele TRISTE pe chitara electrica?

    M-am prins acuma. Multumesc mult da nu m-am exprimat bine erau corzile minore, cum ar fi Re minor suna mai ''trist''. . Nu am pretentia sa invat sa cant dupa forum in nici un caz , chiar sunt baiat bun si plractic mult sa sti . Dar de asta este si forumul asta nu? Sa vorbim, sa intrebam s ane lamurim etc etc. Deci de asta am intrebat aice ca nu stiam sigur ce si cum am auzit dar acuma m-am lamurit. Multumesc mult!!!
  13. Salut, cine poate sa-mi zica si mie care sunt notele triste pe chitara. Am auzit ca exista notele happy si alea sad. Stie cineva care? Merci!
  14. Melodii cantate de noi

    PROKA super melodiile alea, beton beton :cool: